Seeing 11 more

A few people have noted they have been seeing the number 11 more frequently.

2 Responses to Seeing 11 more

  1. elklos says:

    Number 11 is constantly popping up…. more & more, does this relate to the approaching of 2012?

    • 2converse says:

      It’s funny, the first time I received an message about it, my response went out at 11:11. Some people say it’s an angel talking to you. Some people say it is part of the 2012 effect. Looking at it from the numerology side I would interpret it in the following way. The number 11 is about intuition. Since you are seeing 11 more, your intuition or the feeling side is getting stronger. The downside to it, is a dreamy unfocused approach. If you use it in a balanced way, it can give you a different viewpoint than thinking.

      I feel that 2011 will bemore interesting 2012. 2012 signals a changed in consciousness but you travel 2011 to get there. You’ll see and feel that there is an increase in the need to cooperate. The military, big business, goverment way of approaching problems will change. It will give way to a more inclusive decision making approach.

      There is plenty of information onliine about eleven eleven. I am not endorsing it or dismissing it, it is just a different appraoch than the one that I use.

      I have included the link for another comment I wrote about 2012.

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