Time Travel

Higher dimensions. If you existed, but not in space you could travel through time. You would be aware but you couldn’t influence anything. Or if your consciousness was delinked from your mind, the effect would be the same. So you could time travel without any of the paradoxes. However you might not be aware of the experience once you were back in your body.

About 2converse

I learned Tarot and Numerology in 1997. I started my astrology studies in 1998. In the intervening years I have taken workshops attended classes and forums, with Mary Greer in Sydney, with Shelley Ackerman and Jeannie Reed at the The Quest Bookshop in New York. I read books between 15 - 30 hours a week on a wide variety of topics. I have also created my own divination system that uses three numbers. Which is a combination of Tarot, Astrology and Numerolgy.
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2 Responses to Time Travel

  1. I believe what we refer to as “time” isn’t directional but instead points – and what we do in any moments affects the other aspects. For example, if I were destined to leave my body because I smoked cigarettes, once I decided to stop the behavior, the decision changes the path up to this point and any point after. Is this time travel? Not sure. But we can impact it through our thoughts.

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