Ascendant and the Sun sign

The ascendant is what sign was rising when you were born. It is your entry point to life on this planet. The ascendant is more like your personality. Where as the Sun is your Soul or what you are here to express. So you express your soul through your personality. If the Ascendant and the Sun are in adverse angles then you will be a bit uncomfortable. You’ll feel as though you are fighting yourself. However opposite sign (oppositions) are easier than signs that are three signs apart (squares).

About 2converse

I learned Tarot and Numerology in 1997. I started my astrology studies in 1998. In the intervening years I have taken workshops attended classes and forums, with Mary Greer in Sydney, with Shelley Ackerman and Jeannie Reed at the The Quest Bookshop in New York. I read books between 15 - 30 hours a week on a wide variety of topics. I have also created my own divination system that uses three numbers. Which is a combination of Tarot, Astrology and Numerolgy.
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