What affect are the planets having on us

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I learned Tarot and Numerology in 1997. I started my astrology studies in 1998. In the intervening years I have taken workshops attended classes and forums, with Mary Greer in Sydney, with Shelley Ackerman and Jeannie Reed at the The Quest Bookshop in New York. I read books between 15 - 30 hours a week on a wide variety of topics. I have also created my own divination system that uses three numbers. Which is a combination of Tarot, Astrology and Numerolgy.
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5 Responses to What affect are the planets having on us

  1. Gg says:

    Hi Del! Sorry, I don’t see where to post a NEW comment.
    In any case…. I read yesterday that there are 6 planets all lined up right now. Does this create some sort of order or balance in general on the Planet, or am I just being naive?
    I would think it would have some affect on people who have those planets predominant in their charts….yes?

  2. Hey Gg. The first time you post it is pending then the next goes direct. Will look at the planets in a day or so

  3. There are six planets within 30 degrees of each other. Which is a tight cluster since there are 360 degrees in the zodiac. Mercury and Venus are never far from the Sun, 28 for Mercury and 48 for Venus. On April 4 last month you had six planets in 30 degrees as well but they were all in the same sign. There was also T-Square aspect. This is what I posted a few days ago. Mars is in Aries and Neptune is in Pisces. There will be a lot of pent up energy and frustration. So be a bit subtle and dreamy. You can help yourself by helping others. Cooperation will get you further than conflict. This will settle down by mid May.
    With a lot of planets in Aries you get more action than order. However with Saturn in Libra, will put more of an effort towards cooperation. And with Pluto in Capricorn you also have a shift in the natural order of things.
    I think Aries will have a burst of energy but there will be rules and restriction. You can move but you have to take someone slow with you.

  4. Gg says:

    : ) Hi Del! haha! Thats great. !!! Thank you so much for the explanation. Cooperation, and being of service is an excellent foundation for any society- at all times.
    I am going this weekend, tomorrow actually, to look for the Cacao Farm. Taking a slow friend with me…..! (not too hard to find one here in Guate)

  5. 2converse says:

    This is a Youtube clip by Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer about the all of the planets that are in Aries.

    May Astrology Forecast 1 – Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer

    May Astrology Forecast 2 – Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer

    May Astrology Forecast 3 – Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer

    May Astrology Forecast 4 – Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer

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