Mercury in retrograde plus full moon. Everything and everybody seems to be bugging out. What gives?

Hey Red. There are two things happening which by themselves are problematic. You have a full Moon and Mercury retrograde.

Any time you have a full moon you have the biggest tension between what you inside and what you express to others. Everyone had heard that police and mental institutions saw that their job is more hectic on those days. It also is when you have the largest waves.

Mercury retrograde is a communication malfunction. So you’ll find communication and to some extent daily travel a bit more difficult.

The other bit is the full moons are different month by month, for the moment we’ll leave out the other eight planets. So you going to find that internally people are fired up, can’t wait to get started. However ever else will want to take it easy or at least go slower than yourself.

So when you put the two together. You get impatience, frustration and the inability to communicate.

About 2converse

I learned Tarot and Numerology in 1997. I started my astrology studies in 1998. In the intervening years I have taken workshops attended classes and forums, with Mary Greer in Sydney, with Shelley Ackerman and Jeannie Reed at the The Quest Bookshop in New York. I read books between 15 - 30 hours a week on a wide variety of topics. I have also created my own divination system that uses three numbers. Which is a combination of Tarot, Astrology and Numerolgy.
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11 Responses to Mercury in retrograde plus full moon. Everything and everybody seems to be bugging out. What gives?

  1. Stormi says:

    Looks good, Del!!!! Will def check in regularly!

  2. stephen says:

    There must be a way to take advantage of retrograde planets in order to grow..?? I just turned 47 yo yesterday, and I’m at a turning point in my life, I have not decided yet what new career would be great for me, especially as I still want to inspire human beings and help them grow.
    Thanks for your help,
    love and light

    • 2converse says:

      Hi Stephen. I was reading your post and you are already using the retrograde. When I planet goes retrograde it reverses it’s motion. So to take advantage you do the same. You go inward. The key words for Mercury retrograde are review, reflect, and if your not paying attention redo. Take care. Del

  3. Congratulations on your metaphysical blog, Delano. However I can be of help please advise. In the meantime, be blessed. As for your blog itself, I’ll make a note to keep myself up to speed.


    • 2converse says:

      Hi Lloyd. Thank you. I also want the site to be an exchange of ideas. I think I may post a list of books that I feel are useful for students. I consider myself as a continual student. Also I am offering free readings for the first ten posters. Let me know if you are interested in a reading. Take care. Del

  4. Ann says:

    When is mercury in retrograde over?

  5. Well that sure answers alot for is exciting to see you have a site like this Del
    I always say you are the very best!!!

    penny arcade

  6. taylor says:

    It is crazy how I dont keep up with things like full moon and retrogrades – and then always after the fact I am like…. ooooo, so that is what was going on – thats why my friends are falling off the wagon and freaking out and I feel like the world has a squeeze on me.

    I feel like I should be doing some preventive medicine instead of just letting the flu hit me – you know what I mean?

    any suggestions on how to integrate the things coming into daily life before they hit?

    • 2converse says:

      Hi Taylor. There are a few ways to keep track of the moon. You can look get a moon calendar at New Age store, you can check on line for phases of the moon, or you can look in the weather section of the newspaper. I have included a link that lists the moon phases for the entire year.

      The most effective way is to keep a diary at different Moon phases, so you can see how it effects you. Full moon you may find that people overreact. New Moon or no Moon in the sky, you may find that you want to withdraw. First quarter is good for starting. The last quarter is good for finishing. It also depends where your moon is in your chart and what aspects other planets make to it.

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